Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Rimmel Ruby Crush on Flickr.Such a christmas-y nail polish!www.coewless.wordpress.comCUTE nails!!!
Follow me for more beauty! =DUgly flamingo sweater nails on Flickr.With rolling 3D eyes. I love how these turned out! www.coewlesspolish.wordpress.comDecember 16th, 9 days until Christmas: Inspired by a Christmas Song

My song was Winter Wonderland. A hasty, messy one at that. I slept all day and almost forgot the challenge. But, I like the trees on this. You can’t see my blue-purple gradient though. :(December 19th, 6 days until Christmas: Ugly Sweater

Eeee, I love Christmas sweaters! Someday I will own one!December 11, 14 days until Christmas: Gifts
Two weeks, y’all! I’m in love with this manicure. And apparently, I was on the same brain-wave as Meghan over at Will Paint Nails for Food. (Check out hers; she used beautiful Illamasqua nail polishes.) I just went with something simple because I spent my day studying for finals.December 10th, 15 days until Christmas: Lights
I did two versions. Here’s my first - icicle lights! I love icicle lights so much, and I wish I could put them up at my apartment!a holiday spin on a classic french manicure: joyeux noël! ✪
“All Wrapped Up” on preciouspolish.comchristmas time is here ♥
“Peppermint Tribal” on preciouspolish.comclassy filigree + gradient
“Fall Filigree” on preciouspolish.comglitter + fishtails
(fishtail tutorial here)
“Woven Gold” on preciouspolish.comchristmas time is here ♥
“TUTORIAL: Christmas French Manicure” on
CLICK FOR VIDEO TUTORIALpicture tutorial! :)I’m behind on posting!
December 4th, 21 days until Christmas: Silver
Silver bells~ I wasn’t as happy with these as I’d hoped. But they were pretty and I only had to wear them for one day.Christmas swirls for Day 3.colors used:
orly-white tips
color club-where’s the soiree
ruby wing-moonstone <—this color is cool, it’s light blue and changes to purple in the sun :)My xmas nails! I did this set for a friend.
This was the first time painting false nails. I quite liked it because it meant I could take my time but also do stuff in between painting coats! These are the cutest winter nails ever!Ornaments are the best part of any Christmas tree!hotbeautyhealth:

reindeer nail art

Snowflake nail art.
Merry Christmas!
Colors used:
Essie - Pretty Edgy
Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
Wet N’ Wild - French White, Hallucinatebrunette-babieee:

Tumblr on -

nails | Tumblr en -
Kovi says, “Ninja keeps her nails as fresh as I keep my Jordans”. LOLkasnailsandsuch:

Hot chocolate nails. Delicious!

The 3 Wise Men. These are really beautiful.

My first christmas nails with China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle :)
Kaylen’s winter wonderland nails!Kelesea’s Christmas nails this week. They aren’t the greatest but they’re still cute.ashleylindroth:

Here’s a better look. #nailart #bumble #nailpolish #notd #longnails #realnails

Today I have my first holiday nails to show y’all! I just joined a nail art group that posts a week’s worth of nails each month relating to a specific theme and this month’s theme is (of course) FESTIVENESS! So I hope y’all are ready for five sweet (and GLITTERY) holiday-themed manis this week cuz I’m super pumped to show you them. I did these glittery poinsettia nails a couple weeks ago and it’s been hard to wait to post them because I love them a lot… so much that I might re-do them for my actual Christmas nails. You can (AND SHOULD) go check out my blog post for more pictures and an explanation of how I did these!
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Funny Santa & sleigh nails!222998619020601217_nxlaosam_c_largeColors used:
Sally Hansen-cobalt blue
Essie-shine of the times
Color club-French tip
Opi-black onyx
Sally Hansen-sun kissedcolors used:
ulta-mint condition
sally hansen-celeb cityReindeer nails (inspired by leggings) on Flickr.Inspired by a pair of leggings from Iwearsin.www.coewlesspolish.wordpress.comchristmas waltz ❄
“Frosted Window Panes” on preciouspolish.comGalaxy Drip on Flickr.
Love these!www.coewlesspolish.wordpress.comGlitter Gradient Manicure | The Perfect Fit
I must have missed the memo about glitter tip manicures because it seems everyone at work is rocking this look right now! Though I like this with the red, the look I really love is with a pearly polish and gold glitter. It makes me think of snow globes!  Really cute Christmas nails!

more here: :)

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