Eventually, you’re going to find that one person that you’re going to settle down to. They’re going to make you change your bad habits and your ways. You’re going to want to spend every moment with this person, and you’d do things you never thought you would ever do for someone. It’s not called being “whipped”, it’s swallowing your pride and breaking your morals for someone you feel is truly worth it.

The “perfect” type.
I want us to be comfortable with each each other. I want us to see each other at our worst and still say I love you. I want to be able to wrap my arms around you with you not wearing make-up, say that you’re beautiful and actually mean it. We can sit there, dazed, butterflies rumbling through our tummies, sweaty palms and chap lips and it’ll all be worth it jsut to be there. Even if we never see each other as much, just know that everytime I’m with you, it’s my favorite day. Your bed is pretty comfy to lay on, we don’t need to have sex. We can cuddle, lay there and talk, or fall asleep on each other. I give you little kisses, you give me little licks, I give you hickeys even though you’ll get in trouble with your mom, you slap me, and then I play mad. We make up as if nothing happened. I want this. I want you. I’ve learned from my past, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I promise I won’t rush and make big mistakes I’ll regret later.
I just hope this will be different.

This month it will be our 5th month together. We’ve been getting the “you guys are so cute together” and the “you guys are so perfect!” compliments. We really don’t mind the compliments. But hey, we’re not completely perfect. Nobody is. We have our arguments, our broken promises, we may hurt each other, etc. Who said we were perfect ? To us, it doesn’t matter if we’re perfect or not. It matters if we understand each other. <3


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