yeahhh, basically.. 
never thought you’d turn out like this.


Chace<3Please be mine. Only mine.drewtrinnh:

I never thought I could feel like this. I guess I’m just so use to putting in effort that isn’t given back. But you’re slowly changing my perspective on what it means to love someone. You’re clingy, but in a good way. You put the effort into our conversations, sending me paragraphs of what happens to be on your mind instead of the one worded texts I’m so used to. I get butterflies when I realize you don’t want to let go when we embrace. And you’ve got me doing things that I wouldn’t normally do for any girl. Some people call me whipped, but I call it respecting my girlfriend.

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Need someone who would enjoy thisss.I dooo.illseeyousoonthenn:


She’s been sleeping for about 20 minutes now.
All I hear is her really low, soft breathing and the background music that’s playing from her laptop.
This is the earliest she’s slept in days.. She usually sleeps around 3-5. Not good. :(
I try to stay awake for her and keep her company but I’m always too tired to achieve it. I always end up falling asleep before her. But today, I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon just so I can stay up for her.
This time, I want to be the one watching over her and making sure she’s safe. Since I can’t be with her physically, the least I can do is keep her company over the phone.
Even if I’m about 8 hours away from her, she always tells me that hearing my voice makes everything seem not so distant. She likes it whenever we talk or txt because she feels as though we’re right next to each other. She feels more at ease whenever we interact.
I’m happy that she’s patiently waiting for the day that she can finally be in my arms. That means a lot to me.. That she’s willing to wait for me even if it takes months.. I can seriously say that straight-up she’s the best girl that has ever come my way and I don’t intend of letting her slip away.
When you have the best, why settle for less right? She’s perfect to me. From her beauty, to her brains, to her personality.. She’s everything I can ask for and more.
Goodnight and I hope you’re dreaming sweetly baby. I don’t think you’ll ever realize how much you truly mean to me and how scared I am to lose you.. I love you so much babe<3




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